The Early Intervention (Birth-Through-Two) program is provided to identify and serve, at the earliest age possible, children who are experiencing delays in their development. An initial developmental screening is completed with therapy provided as appropriate.

The Developmental Training program assists adults who live and work in their communities. Services are provided at four locations with one providing specialized services for older adults.

Vocational Services provide social and functional skills training, vocational skills training, and employment for adults with disabilities. Manufacturing and janitorial services are available on a contractual basis to interested businesses.  An emphasis is placed on community integration.

The Client & Family Support program provides services to individuals funded to participate in the Family or Intermittent Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) programs or Home Based Support program.  In addition, services are provided through a Respite program grant.  All services are geared towards assisting the individual to attain or maintain their living situation in the community.

The 24 Hour Residential program provides services to individuals who live in agency-owned homes in the local community. Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs) are designed to help adults with intellectual disabilities live as independently in the community as possible. CILA services are provided, based on the needs of the individual.  In addition, the agency owns a Children’s Group Home for children with intellectual disabilities.

Funding Your Services

“Medicaid waiver” is a type of funding from the Illinois Department of Human Services – Division of Developmental Disabilities.  This type of funding is required to enroll in the following CCAR Industries’ services:  24 Hour Community Integrated Living Arrangement, Family Community Integrated Living Arrangement, Intermittent Community Integrated Living Arrangement, Adult Home Based Support  services, Children’s Home Based Support services, Supported Employment, and Developmental Training. This funding is “tied to the person”, not the agency.  If you move to a different community in Illinois, you take your funding with you to use with a different provider.  It is important to note that CCAR Industries does not assign or determine eligibility for this funding.  To obtain Medicaid waiver funding from the Illinois Division of Developmental Disabilities, you must work with your local Pre-Admission Screening (P.A.S.) agency. The P.A.S. representative will meet with you, determine your eligibility, and complete the appropriate paperwork. It is possible that you may be placed on the state-wide waiting list for funding. This waiting list is called the Prioritization for Urgency of Need for Services (P.U.N.S.).  For more information about Medicaid waiver funding and to locate a P.A.S. agency near you, please visit the Illinois Department of Human Services website.

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