Volunteers & Interns

How To Make A Difference

YOUR TIME MAKES A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE! As a non-profit organization, we truly appreciate our volunteers and students!  From dancers and princesses to teachers and dietitians, the individuals at our programs benefit from your knowledge, skill and compassion.  We would like to thank all of the wonderful community members who donate their time!

Interns & Students

CCAR Industries welcomes high school, college, trade school and university students from several disciplines who would like to enhance their learning with real-world experience. We typically serve as an internship site for one to three interns per semester. In addition, we welcome student organizations that would like to volunteer their time by hosting an activity or fundraiser on our behalf. Our staff would work closely with your organization to assure that you are given the support and information that you require.

Sponsor A Home (Volunteer)

CCAR Industries owns eight Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILAs) in Charleston, IL.  Don’t let the big acronym mislead you – these are truly HOMES. They aren’t nursing facilities or large institutional settings.  On the contrary, we attempt to provide a warm and comforting environment while making sure that each home is equipped with the accessibility features required to promote optimal independence. Typically, two to eight residents live in each home with supervision provided on a 24-hour basis.  Residents have their own bedroom, unless they request otherwise.

Many residents have expressed that they really enjoy having guests visit, attending parties or simply meeting new people in the community.  Thus, we are looking for a few community members, families, or groups who would like to sponsor a home.  There is no cost associated with this unless you would like to make a monetary donation, nor does it need to be a huge time commitment. We are looking for community members who would like to be involved with one home on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis. This involvement could be as simple as baking a cake and sending a card to the residents on their birthdays or hosting a game night.  Since several of our program consumers don’t have family involvement, those simple gestures mean A LOT!

How To Apply

In an effort to provide the Safest and Best Possible Care for our program consumers, we ask that our volunteers and interns complete the corresponding application below.

Please note that volunteers and/or students will need to complete/pass a criminal and healthcare worker background check that includes being fingerprinted. CCAR Industries will facilitate and cover the cost associated with this check.  Again, the care and safety of our program consumers is our utmost concern!

CLICK HERE for our Intern/Practicum Student Application

CLICK HERE for our Volunteer Application

Contact Us

If you or your organization have questions, please feel free to contact us at info@ccarindustries.org or at (217) 348-0127 ext. 607.  We would be happy to speak with you!