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CCAR Industries is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was founded by a local parents’ group in 1969.  Our mission is to provide community-based services and supports that enhance the quality of life of East Central Illinois citizens with developmental disabilities and/or other functional limitations throughout their lifespan.  Our team is dedicated to providing high quality, individualized services to program consumers and their families.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or if you would like more information about our agency!


There seems to be confusion about the recent news that Governor Rauner reinstated funding for programs that were cut. While an agreement was reached to fund these programs for the next two months (the remainder of FY-2015), this funding will not go forward into the next fiscal year. Advocacy work is still necessary to get funding restored for FY-2016!

Please continue to support community-based services by sending your “selfies” via Twitter with the hashtag: ‪#‎committocommunity‬.  You can also show your support by posting items on your Facebook page and encouraging your friends to do the same!


The State of Illinois’ proposed FY-2016 budget does not include funding for Respite services. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this program, it provides families with relief from care-giving responsibilities within the family home. Families select a trained worker and schedule in-home services at times and dates that are convenient for the family. Families in the program may also use their allocated hours to purchase Respite Weekends at Camp New Hope. How would this impact CCAR?  We anticipate that 25 agency families would be affected, and would result in the loss of $66,612 in funding.

In addition to Respite cuts, more stringent eligibility standards for Early Intervention (Birth Through Two) services are proposed for FY-2016. Early Intervention (Birth Through Two) is a service provided to identify and serve, at the earliest possible age, children who are experiencing significant delays in their development. Developmental screenings are available to measure the child’s overall development in relation to his/her age. Currently, children need to demonstrate a 30% (or more) delay in developmental areas to qualify for services. In FY-2016, children would need to demonstrate a 50% (or more) delay in developmental areas. In real terms, we predict that potentially 50% of the families served by CCAR Industries may not meet eligibility standards. That would result in 50 children potentially being denied services. It would be a $90,000 loss for the agency.

Through our participation in the COMMIT TO COMMUNITY effort, we hope to send a strongIARF Commit to Me Advocacy Flyer message to our local legislators: Prioritize community-based services and supports for children and adults with developmental disabilities while crafting the FY-2016 budget! Services provided in the community are not only more cost effective, but the right thing to do. For more information, visit: http://realcutsrealpeople.com/

We ask that you print this flyer, sign your name, take a selfie in support of community services, and post it on your Facebook site. In fact, feel free to send it via Twitter to your friends with the hashtag ‪#‎committocommunity‬


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Sheriff Rankin took time out of his schedule on April 29th to speak with approximately 60 day program participants and staff. He explained his role as sheriff and fielded questions from the audience.  After he finished speaking, one of the audience members commented: “Jimmy is awesome! He always stops and shakes my hand when he sees me places.” Another program participant recounted how Jimmy and his wife, Lisa, volunteer each year to transport him (sometimes as early as 6:00 am) to McDonald’s and to meet the bus for Charleston Recreation Department trips.  In addition, they pick him up upon his return to town as late at 10:30 pm.  He said that, if it weren’t for Jimmy and Lisa, he wouldn’t be able to go on these trips.  Needless to say, Sheriff Rankin received a standing ovation from the crowd for his great work and service in our community!


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