Here are just a few comments from our program consumer and stakeholder satisfaction surveys:

Early Intervention Family Member:   “I think this program is wonderful in every possible way. It really helped my grandson.”

Early Intervention Parent:  “Birth Through Two Program has been wonderful. This program is amazing and I will always recommend it.”

24 Hour Residential Parent:  “The staff at Coolidge are amazing! They have helped my son learn to do so many things that he could never do before.”

Client & Family Support Family Member:  “Case manager and ISSA are two very amazing, caring ladies. They both have worked with my disabled son for quite some time now. He loves them both. You can tell that it is more than just a job to them. They truly are full of compassion. Thank you CCAR.”

DT Lincoln Stakeholder:  “CCAR is a great place to have for our special adults. Thank you so much!”

Manufacturing Plant Family Member:  “I am very happy and thankful to have CCAR for my brother. I have seen him grow over the years. My suggestions are always listened to. He enjoys his job and the staff do an extremely great job!” 

Manufacturing Plant Consumer:  “I like to work with my friends at CCAR.” – Kim S.

Other comments from our most recent  satisfaction surveys:

“The Birth through Two Program has been wonderful. My son has grown developmentally and speaking wise in leaps and bounds! This program is amazing and I will always recommend it.”

“Our family and son (the consumer) are very satisfied with his program activities, safety, and involvement. I have recommended it to anyone interested. Thanks!!”

“Everything was explained to where I understood it and the ladies that came in were awesome.”

“My son is happy when he gets home and looks forward to going every morning.”

“Thank you very much for the respite hours. Individual looks forward to having a weekend at CNH and we also appreciate this time.”

“This program has been a Godsend to me. Not only has it helped my brother in many different ways but allows me to go to work and not worry about him and what he is doing.
CCAR services are outstanding!”

“The staff is always wonderful to the boys. I come there all the time and never see any staff just sitting around. The boys and house are always clean and smells great. I especially like it when they are doing puzzles or baking with the boys!

“I would like to comment … DT case manager and CFS case manager for her understanding of individual and ongoing efforts to improve the quality of my daughter’s life!”

“I am looking forward to my son’s future at CCAR and I’m so grateful for the opportunities he has at DT Locust.

“The staff takes good care of everyone in the house. They treat them like their own!”

“A heartfelt thank you to all the staff!”