Early Intervention

Early Intervention (also called Birth-Through-Two) is a service provided to identify and serve, at the earliest possible age, children who are experiencing significant delays in their development. Developmental screenings are available to measure the child’s overall development in relation to his/her age. If a delay exists, families are assisted in contacting Child and Family Connections to determine eligibility for early intervention services.

If eligible, the family and the developmental therapist collaborate with the local office of Child and Family Connections to develop an Individualized Family Service Plan (I.F.S.P.). CCAR’s Early Intervention program provides developmental therapy services in the family home as specified in the plan. Services are available to eligible children until their third birthday.

Other services include developmental play groups, a lending library, usage of available toys and adaptive equipment, program newsletter and parent support.

For more information about this program, please contact Bobbie Eastin at 217-348-0127 ext. 329 or email.

Videos for Children & Parents

Mary teaches us to count!
Pam and the Easter Bunny show us how to do bunny hopscotch!
Developmental Therapist, Pam, shows us a fun challenge to balance an egg on a spoon.
Developmental Therapists, Pam and Lisa, show us how to have fun with dinosaurs!
Developmental Therapist, Pam, reads the Bigger & Bigger Dinosaur!
Developmental Therapists, Lisa and Mary, explain the proper way to wash your hands in this shark-themed video!
Developmental Therapist, Pam, reads a story about how you should NEVER feed a shark!