Client & Family Support

The Client and Family Support (C.F.S.) program provides services to individuals enrolled in the Home Based Support program, Family or Intermittent Community Integrated Living Arrangement (C.I.L.A.) program, or  Respite program.  All services are geared towards assisting the program participant in attaining and/or maintaining their community home.

Unlike the 24 Hour Community Living Arrangement program, the C.F.S. program assists individuals who live in homes that are not owned by the agency.  Consumers in this program live with their families or reside in their own home.   Staff are not present around-the-clock, but are on-call to assist with emergencies on weekends and in the evenings.

Intermittent or Family Community Integrated Living Arrangement Program provides residential supports on a less than 24 hour basis. The program offers a wide range of options to help individuals live as independently as possible in the community. Supports can include case management, money management, hygiene training, advocacy, problem solving, and assistance with the development of leisure skills. Services are provided at times and in environments that are most convenient for individuals and their families.

Home Based Support Program provides service facilitation to adults and children. It offers families the options of hiring their own personal support workers with assistance from their service facilitator and chosen fiscal agent, using personal support workers employed by CCAR Industries, or any combination thereof. The type and frequency of services delivered are determined by the individual and family and are written into the individualized service plan.

Respite Program provides families with relief from care giving responsibilities within the family home. Families select a trained worker and schedule in-home services at times and dates that are convenient for the family.