24 Hour Residential

24 Hour Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA)
The 24 Hour Community Integrated Living Arrangement provides adults with intellectual disabilities with around-the-clock support. Groups of four to six individuals live in structured, agency-owned home environments that are supervised 24 hours per day.  The agency owns ten homes that are located in neighborhoods throughout the Charleston.  Nursing staff are “on call” around the clock in case medical needs arise.   With the help of well-trained staff, residents work on personal goals for independent living and community integration.  The residents are active in the community often going shopping, taking trips to surrounding communities, participating in faith-based activities of their choice, and attending community festivals.  During the day on Monday through Friday, a majority of the Residential program consumers attend one of our four day programs.

In all of the Residential homes, strong family relationships are encouraged. Parents and guardians are welcome to visit our homes.  Activities can be scheduled around family outings or visits.   A few program consumers see their families weekly while others choose to limit their visits to holidays and special occasions.  In addition to visits, program consumers and families speak on the phone, write or email, and communicate in other ways throughout the year.