The Lincoln Avenue Recycling Program has provided work training opportunities to program participants since 1998.   Initially, Eastern Illinois University was  the program’s primary source of recycling materials.  However, over the years, the program has had an increasing number of area businesses and private residents contribute materials.  Last fiscal year, the program had over 50 customers in the local area and recycled over 1 million pounds of material.

Examples of items that we recycle include cardboard, newspaper, office paper, magazines, books, calendars, brochures and more.  At this time, the program accepts aluminum cans (which are processed at a different location.)   We have a large paper shredder on-site that is used to shred confidential documents from businesses or private individuals.  Please note that we do not accept glass, plastic, electronics or non-aluminum metal items.

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Individuals who are enrolled in the Lincoln Avenue program earn wages while they develop work skills.  Staff work closely with individuals and provide supervision and training throughout the day.  Program participants perform tasks according to their particular abilities and workplace modifications are made when needed.  Some common tasks performed are  sorting paper (there are three categories), sorting cardboard from paper, tearing pages from bound items, picking-up materials from area businesses and cleaning-up the work area.

Community members and businesses are welcome to bring items to our Recycling Center at 1600 Lincoln Avenue.  We are able to accept materials on Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  We are closed on most major holidays.  You can view our calendar to learn about our closures.   If you have questions or would like us to pick-up your recyclable material, please email or call  us at 217-348-0127, ext. 709 or ext. 703.