CCAR Industries has met the unique outsourcing needs of the local manufacturing community since 1970.  Our manufacturing plant provides work opportunities to approximately 70 intellectually disabled individuals.   By contracting with us, manufacturing customers save production time and money, as well as free their workers’ schedules for the more skilled production operations. By using our warehouse facility for drop-shipping raw material, customers save transportation and warehousing space and costs.  CCAR Industries offers a wide range of production capabilities.  Here are a few examples of what we do:

Packaging:  pack-outs, shrink-wrapping, displays, hand-packaging, labeling, and parts-bagging

Metal Work: mig welding, tig welding, brazing, pipe cutting and threading, light steel, fabricating, steel band cutting and punching, and chain/bracket assemblies

Industrial Contracts: wax pouring, wire-cutting and stripping, ceramic fiber cutting, manufactured component sub-assemblies, corrugated assemblies, gasket assembly, warehouse/shipping

To discuss how CCAR Industries can assist your company, please email or call us at 217-345-7058.