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            Executive Director/ Corporate Compliance Officer:

Lyla McGuire
(217) 348-0127 ext. 415 or Email
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Assistant Executive Directors:

Alice Shonk
(217) 348-0127 ext. 401 or Email

Larry Fisher
(217) 348-0127 ext. 603 or Email

Who do I contact if I want to enroll in an adult program or just want more information about the programs?
Bobbie Eastin
Intake/Referral Coordinator
Client & Family Support Director
(217) 348-0127 ext. 329 or Email

Who do I contact if I want information about the Early Intervention Program?
Denise Glick
Early Intervention Director
(217) 348-0127 ext. 340 or Email

Who do I contact about becoming a staff person or to ask about job openings?
Mike Finney
Human Resources Director
(217) 348-0127 ext. 405 or Email

Donna Jones
Human Services Coordinator
(217) 348-0127 ext. 404 or Email

Who do I contact about Recycling pick-up or to ask Recycling questions?
Heidi Logue
Developmental Training Director
(Lincoln, Locust, & Senior Programs)
(217) 348-0127 ext. 703 or Email

Angela King
(217) 348-0127 ext. 702 or Email

Who do I contact about Manufacturing Plant contracts?
Bob Barker
Customer Service Manager
(217) 348-0127 ext. 621 or Email

Who do I contact about help to find employment in the community?
Kelsey Jacobson
Employment Specialist
(217) 348-0127 ext. 605 or Email

Who would I contact with concerns about policy and procedure management (corporate policies and procedures), compliance monitoring (evaluating and measuring the state of compliance across the organization), and/or investigations (investigations into wrong doing and anything that violates regulatory/legal requirements)?
Lyla McGuire
Executive Director/ Corporate Compliance Officer
(217) 348-0127 ext. 415 or Email

I still don’t know who to contact. What do I do?
Contact us at (217) 348-0127. We will be happy to help!